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Hi! Wow, thank you so much for this incredibly sweet message. My aim is to give you all a platform for attainable, fresh and diverse inspiration and I am so happy that you enjoy my content. I won’t ever stop blogging, if you promise to never stop reading!

Thank you again! 


jessicazwu asked:

Hi thank you for this sending this- It means so much!

I just want to point out that I have gotten a lot these wonderful messages, but a trend I’ve been noticing is that people seem to think I only feature other fashion bloggers - This is not the case! The point of The Style Line is to showcase an array of individuals who love fashion but don’t necessarily all do the same thing. I’ve featured amazing designers, photographers, illustrators and even aspiring doctors, lawyers and the works! As such, I have been adding in each interviewee’s age, location and occupation so people get an even better sense of who they are as individuals! These people may have blogs, but not all necessarily consider fashion blogging as their primary job.

The goal of The Style Line since it’s inception, has been to inspire and thus the diversity of interviewees is extremely important!