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ANNIKA’S STYLE: I would describe my style as very malleable. It can teeter on gothic or grunge, or it can go the other way and be ultra girly, pink and frilly. I like to experiment with my outfits and I try to incorporate a lot of novelty and colour. I guess “vintage-y” would be another way to describe my style, but that definitely doesn’t sum it up entirely either. As for a trademark item, I always wear something on my head. My signature piece is my boater hat!

INSPIRATION: Novelty and color  shopping in vintage stores and Japanese fashion magazines. Other bloggers are always a massive source of inspiration as well!

GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT:Going to university! I’m the first person in my family to go to university, so I’m most proud of myself for doing that, especially after I was diagnosed with a very rare and scary illness in late 2011 which almost stopped me from fulfilling that dream. I am not going to let anything stop me from becoming a scientist now!

WHAT ARE YOU DREAMING ABOUT? Right now? Eating a parfait. I’m just about to go out for dinner in Tokyo as I type this, and am having a fantasy about a particular 80s-style strawberry parfait with cake, cornflakes and cream… yum!! Best thing about this dream is that it’s going to become a reality in about 1.5 hours.

PERFECT DATE OUTFIT:I have the best Valentine anyone could ask for, my boyfriend Luci. Our two-year anniversary is just two days after Valentines day, so this time of the year is pretty special for us. My perfect Valentines date outfit (which I will be endeavoring to wear on Valentines day in fact) is a pair of nude-tights with a stripe down the back matched with a red vintage-style dress with a poofy skirt, and a whole heap of accessories with hearts on them. If I had a heart-shaped bag, I’d be wearing that too, as well as some lace-up, ballerina style platform shoes.

WINTER FASHION: Being able to layer up with cool patterned stockings matched with cute socks and boots, and chunky scarves!



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OLIVIA’S STYLE: I really need to improve on answering this question! My style is definitely quirky-chic with some occasional boho and rocker vibes. I apologize for that sounding ridiculous!

INSPIRATION: Hmm… the past inspires me the most. Past style icons like Brigitte Bardot, Stevie Nicks, Marilyn Monroe, Edie Sedgwick, Nancy Spungen.. vintage everything.

GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: I consider my greatest personal accomplishment to be working up the courage to start my own blog. It was a very long process for me to be able to put myself completely out there

WHAT ARE YOU DREAMING ABOUT? Definitely dreaming about being at NYFW !!

PERFECT DATE OUTFIT: My perfect date outfit definitely includes black lace, I have a black lace open back dress lined up for my V-day date with my boyfriend. It’s as traditional/ beautiful as red, without the cliché. 

WINTER FASHION: Layering! Also, big thick socks over tights and ankle boots. I love this combination.



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