ANNIKA’S STYLE: I would describe my style as very malleable. It can teeter on gothic or grunge, or it can go the other way and be ultra girly, pink and frilly. I like to experiment with my outfits and I try to incorporate a lot of novelty and colour. I guess “vintage-y” would be another way to describe my style, but that definitely doesn’t sum it up entirely either. As for a trademark item, I always wear something on my head. My signature piece is my boater hat!

INSPIRATION: Novelty and color  shopping in vintage stores and Japanese fashion magazines. Other bloggers are always a massive source of inspiration as well!

GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT:Going to university! I’m the first person in my family to go to university, so I’m most proud of myself for doing that, especially after I was diagnosed with a very rare and scary illness in late 2011 which almost stopped me from fulfilling that dream. I am not going to let anything stop me from becoming a scientist now!

WHAT ARE YOU DREAMING ABOUT? Right now? Eating a parfait. I’m just about to go out for dinner in Tokyo as I type this, and am having a fantasy about a particular 80s-style strawberry parfait with cake, cornflakes and cream… yum!! Best thing about this dream is that it’s going to become a reality in about 1.5 hours.

PERFECT DATE OUTFIT:I have the best Valentine anyone could ask for, my boyfriend Luci. Our two-year anniversary is just two days after Valentines day, so this time of the year is pretty special for us. My perfect Valentines date outfit (which I will be endeavoring to wear on Valentines day in fact) is a pair of nude-tights with a stripe down the back matched with a red vintage-style dress with a poofy skirt, and a whole heap of accessories with hearts on them. If I had a heart-shaped bag, I’d be wearing that too, as well as some lace-up, ballerina style platform shoes.

WINTER FASHION: Being able to layer up with cool patterned stockings matched with cute socks and boots, and chunky scarves!



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OLIVIA’S STYLE: I really need to improve on answering this question! My style is definitely quirky-chic with some occasional boho and rocker vibes. I apologize for that sounding ridiculous!

INSPIRATION: Hmm… the past inspires me the most. Past style icons like Brigitte Bardot, Stevie Nicks, Marilyn Monroe, Edie Sedgwick, Nancy Spungen.. vintage everything.

GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: I consider my greatest personal accomplishment to be working up the courage to start my own blog. It was a very long process for me to be able to put myself completely out there

WHAT ARE YOU DREAMING ABOUT? Definitely dreaming about being at NYFW !!

PERFECT DATE OUTFIT: My perfect date outfit definitely includes black lace, I have a black lace open back dress lined up for my V-day date with my boyfriend. It’s as traditional/ beautiful as red, without the cliché. 

WINTER FASHION: Layering! Also, big thick socks over tights and ankle boots. I love this combination.



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JOY’S STYLE: Mix of chic and edginess. I usually wear black and white and I love clothing with an interesting detail, like cut out shoulders, transparent, great print, or cool material. 

INSPIRATION: Definitely blogs! I love fashiontoast, Stockholmstreetstyle, Lookbook and loads more.  I also get inspired just by shopping, online stores like net-a-porter, mytheresa, Asos, Zara, H&M, or Designers I love: Alexander Wang, Balmin, McQueen, CHANEL just to name a few. 

PERSONAL ADVICE FOR PERSONAL STYLE: Uff that’s hard! I think the best way is to find your favorite style icons, and just get inspired by his/her style. See what you like about the look, find out where you can get it. And don’t be afraid to try out new things. That’s probably the biggest problem.  

THE MOST TALENTED INDIVIDUAL IN FASHION: Anna della Russo: She”s just so fun! She wears the most amazing crazy things, is just such a happy and positive person. You just have to love her! I had to do an Interview with her once and she was just super sweet!

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION: Be a better blogger. I made a list with things I want to do better and goals I want to reach with my blog. Hope for the best!

WINTER FASHION: I just love the moments when you can wear a big fat oversized sweater, sit in front of the chimney and drink a hot chocolate. So the best thing about winter fashion are those warm cozy sweaters, which I never seem to own. 



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AMANDA’S STYLE:  My style, in a nutshell, could be described as elegant with an edge, and a bit of glam rock and 50’s nostalgia mixed in. I do change clothing pieces quite often, but “signature pieces” would definitely include my pearl studs, Chanel sunnies and very practical LV Keepall!

INSPIRATION:  I am inspired by beautiful images, books and movies and icons of bygone eras (Audrey, Marilyn, Coco), as well as music (especially loving Lana del Rey at the moment).

PERSONAL ADVICE FOR PERSONAL STYLE:  To not copy, but create. Draw inspiration from many different sources - then find your own voice.

THE MOST TALENTED INDIVIDUAL IN FASHION:  I must say I have always been a great admirer of Karl Lagerfeld for being able to go from simplistic to theatrical in one majestic swoop…I am also drawn to his photographic style. He is a modern-day magician.

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION: My New Year’s resolutions are the same every year (maybe I can get it right this year): to drink more water, stand up straight. And BREATHE!

WINTER FASHION: My winter fashion favorites would be the ladylike cinched waists (on coats and blazers), brocade fabrics as well as the hats and beanies that have been sweeping the scene. Can’t wait for winter to hit this part of the world actually!



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MICHELE’S STYLE: I would describe my style as very experimental. I love mixing pieces which nobody would wear together because they think this pieces just don’t match each other. But that’s what makes fashion interesting in my eyes. I always love to exaggerate with prints, colors and fabrics for example. Some people say one statement piece is enough, I say you can’t wear enough of them! Sometimes I stand in front of my wardrobe and take out one piece of clothing which I want to wear. Then I scan the closet again and take out just the one piece which looks like it would not match the other piece at all. But once I’m wearing it, it turns out that the pieces are looking brilliant together. To sum up, I guess my trademarks are the prints which I’m combining all together very often. 

INSPIRATION: Inspiration is something I can find everywhere. In magazines, in the internet, in movies.. But I guess the most inspiration I find in people on the street. Some people may don’t even know how stylish they are. Sometimes I’m standing somewhere waiting for the bus and then somebody passes by and I’m thinking “oh wow, great pants (or whatever)” and then my brain goes freelance and starts to complete an outfit with those just-seen pants. 

PERSONAL ADVICE FOR PERSONAL STYLE: I guess there’s only one advise I can give, because I had to deal with it by myself. Don’t care to much what other people think or say or how they look at you. In some countries or cities people are not very open minded and judge people about what they’re wearing because it’s not the mainstream stuff everybody wears there. In situations like this you have to stay strong and stay yourself and do one’s own thing and maybe break some rules, otherwise it could happen that you look like all the other people around you.

THE MOST TALENTED INDIVIDUAL IN FASHION: For me, Alexander McQueen was the most inspiring designer ever. It’s not only the clothes he designer, it’s even the shows, the passion. Just everything! I can’t describe my fascination for him!

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION:  guess taking more time for my blog and starting new interesting projects and partnerships. Some days ago I purchased a new camera which allows me to take even better picture in higher quality. So this gonna be a good year hopefully!

WINTER FASHION: [My favorite thing about winter fashion] is that I can wear so many things at one time. I love the layering looks which are in winter not only goodlooking but also warming. In summer I hate wearing tops which have sleeves, even if they are very short. So I don’t have such a bright range of clothes to wear. And of course I love wearing boots!!



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