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DANIIL’S STYLE: Well, I am surely influenced by British urban styles and Swedish minimalism. I am not trying to be under a particular style. Speaking about brands I wouldprobably mention COS, Dr. Martens, Cheap Monday, Weekday and various vintage clothing. 

INSPIRATION: Mostly my personal development. The more I feel that I am being developed and develping, the more ideas I have. 

FASHION + STYLE: For me fashion is more associated with the trends which are changed every time, whereas style is more personal, that can be one specific and unchangeable even during the long term.

THE MOST STYLISH CITY IN THE WORLD:It is hard to say, as I havent been visiting loads of other spectacular cities. For now it is London, though I really want to see NY one day.


  • Sweater from COS
  • Jeans from Cheap Monday
  • And maybe few sale pair of shoes from Dr. Martens and Underground

WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR?For having what I have now.

FALL FAVORITES: Trench coats, skinny jeans, sweaters, desert or horse boots or brogues.



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SCOTT’S STYLE: How can I describe my style? I don’t have a style unique but I do like change my style according to my inspirations and my humors. I do like dandy’s style and mix what I have in my closet. I like chic and sophisticated outfit. Otherwise, I like wearing sober colors like the blue, grey, white , kaki, red. The other side, I’m trying to give a nonconformists style to my outfits. 

INSPIRATION: I am really inspiring by the London look, Rock and Roll and the Dandy style at the same time. I’m trying to pick up some inspirations that I saw and liked in the magazine, pubs, tumblr… 

FASHION + STYLE: When I’m hearing the word “fashion”, I think directly to the last collection of fashion designers, the trends of the season coming soon, what the it people are wearing.

About the style, the style doesn’t have the same meaning as fashion, because each people brings something particular, original, our personally touch to the outfit that people wear. Style means creativity and what we are. It’s like an another language or a signal to the people that we are different and we want to show it by our style. 
This is the first impression that we give to someone and what we want to be represent by the style.

THE MOST STYLISH CITY IN THE WORLD: I think the most stylish city in the world is London and as you can see I am really inspiring by the London look.

HOLIDAY WISH-LIST:  What I would like have on my wish list, are shoes (creepers and boots, coats (trench and duffle coat) and beanies! I just want to have a lot of things!

FALL FAVORITES: I mostly like wearing boots, my parka and jumpers during fall. 


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