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DANIIL’S STYLE: Well, I am surely influenced by British urban styles and Swedish minimalism. I am not trying to be under a particular style. Speaking about brands I wouldprobably mention COS, Dr. Martens, Cheap Monday, Weekday and various vintage clothing. 

INSPIRATION: Mostly my personal development. The more I feel that I am being developed and develping, the more ideas I have. 

FASHION + STYLE: For me fashion is more associated with the trends which are changed every time, whereas style is more personal, that can be one specific and unchangeable even during the long term.

THE MOST STYLISH CITY IN THE WORLD:It is hard to say, as I havent been visiting loads of other spectacular cities. For now it is London, though I really want to see NY one day.


  • Sweater from COS
  • Jeans from Cheap Monday
  • And maybe few sale pair of shoes from Dr. Martens and Underground

WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR?For having what I have now.

FALL FAVORITES: Trench coats, skinny jeans, sweaters, desert or horse boots or brogues.



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SCOTT’S STYLE: How can I describe my style? I don’t have a style unique but I do like change my style according to my inspirations and my humors. I do like dandy’s style and mix what I have in my closet. I like chic and sophisticated outfit. Otherwise, I like wearing sober colors like the blue, grey, white , kaki, red. The other side, I’m trying to give a nonconformists style to my outfits. 

INSPIRATION: I am really inspiring by the London look, Rock and Roll and the Dandy style at the same time. I’m trying to pick up some inspirations that I saw and liked in the magazine, pubs, tumblr… 

FASHION + STYLE: When I’m hearing the word “fashion”, I think directly to the last collection of fashion designers, the trends of the season coming soon, what the it people are wearing.

About the style, the style doesn’t have the same meaning as fashion, because each people brings something particular, original, our personally touch to the outfit that people wear. Style means creativity and what we are. It’s like an another language or a signal to the people that we are different and we want to show it by our style. 
This is the first impression that we give to someone and what we want to be represent by the style.

THE MOST STYLISH CITY IN THE WORLD: I think the most stylish city in the world is London and as you can see I am really inspiring by the London look.

HOLIDAY WISH-LIST:  What I would like have on my wish list, are shoes (creepers and boots, coats (trench and duffle coat) and beanies! I just want to have a lot of things!

FALL FAVORITES: I mostly like wearing boots, my parka and jumpers during fall. 


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PAUL’S STYLE: My style is certainly simple and often very casual, because I like feeling comfortable with clothes I wear. Also my appearance should be compatible with my mood. I think there’s no signature trademarks… but I love headwear – beanies, cups and hats – I suppose it has something to do with my hair-complex (I really hate it!).

INSPIRATION: Everything might be inspiring, but especially people – I often view street fashion blogs and watch all these incredible photos of people in London, Paris or NY. However, even in my city I can be inspired by someone or something. And - just look at this amazing colors of autumn – they’re gorgeous! To those who will see, everything might be an inspiration. 

STYLE ICON: I don’t have a style icon, but I admire style of all these actors and actresses from old Hollywood. They had something elegant, subtle and sophisticated in their image!

PERSONAL STYLE EVOLUTION: person and it’s hard for me to say how my style evolved. I know that I’m at the beginning of my road – all I can admit it’s that I am still looking for “the golden mean” – between following trends and timeless elegance.

STAPLE ITEMS: Definitely a white shirt – it’s so many ways of good looking  in it – from elegant to casual.

FALL FAVORITES: Big, soft, warm sweaters! I love them! When it is so cold outside and you are sitting in your favorite sweater, reading a book and drinking cacao or tea (ooooh gosh) – you must know this wonderful feeling!

And coats – it’s incredible how they make you look more sophisticated. It’s been two years since I’ve changed sport jackets to coats in my wardrobe and I don’t regret it.


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JOSEPH’S STYLE: I really pull many ideas from British fashion history, especially Mod Culture, I adore the veneration of lines such as Ben Sherman and Fred Perry.  But overall, a very put-together, clean look is what I go for, and most importantly, a look that resonates with my city.  I really react to the visuals and aesthetic of Detroit and try to wear outfits that reflect that.  

INSPIRATION: Amazing designers like Tom Ford and Alexander McQueen have always inspired me to just push fashion and myself.  In a more subdued manner, much of art history inspires me as well, such as the paintings of Otto Dix and Henry de-Louse Lautrec, in which the characters are always wearing beautiful clothing and are just sophisticated and put-together.  Also, the work of photographer Nan Goldin contains some of the most unique and inspiring individuals I’ve seen.

FAVORITE FASHION MAGAZINE: Currently, I would have to say Interview magazine.  They always have great discussions, and I have probably read the interview with Tom Ford (in an issue from last year) countless times.   Other than that, some of my favorites are W magazine, Dazed and Confused, and VOGUE.

CURRENTLY: Currently I’m studying photography at an art school in Detroit.  My dream has always been to be a fashion photographer and I’m pushing myself more and more everyday towards that.  Other than that, now that school is out I’ve really been focusing on my other jobs, working retail at J.Crew and modeling.  I’m really working to get signed with bigger modeling agencies right now. Anyways,  I’m hoping some combination of all 3 of these focuses gets me out to Manhattan and into the real heart of the fashion scene.   

IF YOU HAD TO ONE WEAR PRINT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE…  Polka dot print, hands down!  I love polka dot on either black or navy, and I really think it’s fun to just add touches of the print to an outfit, such as a pocket square or a tie.  It also plays off other patterns such as gingham very well.  My next in line would definitely be floral.

THIS SEASON:  The two trends I’m really pushing are very short inseam shorts and short sleeve button downs.  I try to stay at 7” for shorts, I just think it looks so much classier and easier to dress up.  Also, I’ve been stocking up on my s/s button downs!  They have to be my favorite type of shirt as they are so versatile.  They can be comfortably worn by themselves during the summer heat, but can be layered under a cardigan or a jacket at nighttime.  Short sleeve floral button downs are the bomb. 

SUMMER LOVIN:  When Im not at work I’m either taking photos or hitting the beach!  I love exploring my city with friends and taking photos of what we find.  I’ve been trying to get out to Belle Isle in Detroit and soak up some sun, a great excuse to wear my short bathing suits and tank tops.  Music wise, lately I’ve been blasting a lot of Grimes, Hot Chip, MSTRKRFT, Beach House, and Daft Punk.  I’m a huge electronic music fan.


MOTI’ S STYLE: Well…I can’t give you a direct answer to that since my style is continuously evolving and changing. I mean isn’t that the beauty of fashion, trying new trends, designs, patterns, mixing and matching, etc. Especially since I’m living in New York City and majority of the time I’m influenced by my surroundings, whether it’s the people or the art in a particular neighborhood.  With all that said, my goal is to take articles of clothing that are feminine and make them more masculine.

INSPIRATION: Everything— films, music, magazines, people, etc. There are so many talented people in this industry and it’s amazing that they choose to share their passions and accomplishments with the world, and that’s exactly what inspires me.

IF YOU HAD TO WEAR ONE ITEM EVERYDAY WHAT WOULD IT BE? It would be a simple slim white button down shirt. With a white shirt you have the choice to dress formal, by throwing on a blazer or you can stick to a more casual look by putting on a denim vest. You can wear the same white button down shirt all week, and when styled and layered correctly no one will be able to tell that it’s the same one.

WHAT IS YOUR EARLIEST FASHION MEMORY? New York Fashion week was one of the most exciting experiences I’ve ever had. Seeing the photos from a show is one thing and being able to attend, sitting in the tents at Lincoln Center and experiencing the whole show come together is another.

FASHION FAMILY: It would be pretty cool if my parents were Jay-Z and Beyonce, but then there would be no challenge. Everything would be handed to me on a silver platter, where’s the fun in that?!

SPRING AWAKENING: One word- Color. After six months of wearing navy, maroon, grey and black, It’s only necessary to dress up in playful colors such as yellow, red, cobalt and orange.

SUMMER LOVIN: Doing: I’m wrapping up my internship with Marie Claire magazine and I’m set to travel to the Holy Land AKA Israel this summer. Listening: I’ve had Gotye’s “Somebody that I use to know” on repeat. Wearing: Tons of tanks, white denim, linen shirts, espadrilles and my personal favorite, these awesome peach chino pants I got from Item Denim. 


PRZEMEK’S STYLE: I’ am huge fan of Scandinavian minimalism, so I also look up to simple and classic forms.  Of course I love fashion experiments so sometimes I like to add on some trends and own ideas, then stir it up well and here we are…  This is my style! I claim that appearance and what we are wearing, enable us to express our personalities. My personality is greatly influenced by situations I find myself in! So in the end my style is screening of all those influences.

INSPIRATION: I could make a list of a hundred things that inspire me well but I think that mostly people in my life, whom I met or saw on the street/internet. Also art and culture are lining-up!

WHAT IS ONE THING IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY YOU’D LIKE TO SEE CHANGE? I has a word with my friend about this matter and he talked about fast-fashion. He opted in slowing down this galloping madness. I think the truth lies somewhere in between…  Of course, it is nice to have up-to-date clothes but I have to agree with him that fast fashion exploits people for cheap labor and the environment for resources. In the meantime,  the concept of high fashion/haute couture  is going away a bit, makes me sad.

STYLE CRUSH: Personally I find Brad Goreski, Kyle Anderson, Bryanboy and Simone Marchetti  as my style Gurus.

IMPACT: I claim that fashion in itself has not a bad contribution to society. It is fairly positive I think and this effect can clearly be seen in every social group. I can also say that It moves clockwise first, then widdershins… so society has a significant impact on fashion too. Nowadays fashion industry is sky-rocketing, so it brings to a conclusion that there is demand for this kind of goods and contents. People care more about their appearance and they look for trends/style advice, inspirations and sorts of creative ideas in their lives. 

SPRING AWAKENING: Intense colors like neons, at the other hand gradient-dye clothes. Also will add on some flowers pieces to my closet. Moreover, I deeply need in my life something  made from neoprene (I saw neoprene top from COS but now it’s out of stock… by the way I think that neoprene will be strong trend this summer.

SUMMER LOVIN: I’m going to pass university-leaving exams, defend a thesis and get Bachelor’s degree so I’m study hard. As for music I currently have Watch the Throne album by Kanye West and Jay-Z on my player. And finally when it comes to clothing I have no idea what I will wear this summer. My shopping list is like never-ending story and it is being enlarged. I’m searching high and low the internet so it always ends up with new must-haves everyday!