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As #thestylelineNYFW comes to a close and fashion month fully kicks into gear, we thought it was only necessary to introduce the team of style-savvy women behind one of the industry’s most coveted fashion-news resources! Meet the ladies of

Photos by Christina Emilie for The Style Line

We’re seeking contributing writers!

With our recent relaunch, we’re looking to expand our scope of content. For inquiries, please email us directly and include a link to any writing samples and/or relevant social links that best demonstrate your abilities.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing more of what we have in store! Stay tuned… 

Get reacquainted with fashion illustrator Meagan Morrison of Travel Write Draw, who sketches and shares what’s next, in this exciting new chapter of her life…

Want to know the best part about sharing our stories? It’s finding personal style that inspires.

As we head into a new month and new season, we’re excited to shed our summer skin and embrace comfy Autumn layers. So with that in mind, one question we always pose and want to know from all of you, is this:

How do you celebrate personal style?