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babyisacrook asked:

Hi! Thank you so much for sending this message, these are questions I receive frequently, so I’d be happy to address…

  • I created The Style Line in January 2011 and Le Style Child in May 2011. By that summer I began receiving opportunities including interning with Rebecca Minkoff and writing for The Huffington Post. These helped to establish my credibility as a digital media influencer. As unexpected as it was, these two opportunities spiraled into a domino effect, and in conjunction with my own efforts more and more began to reveal themselves.
  • I’d say that if anything it’s good to intern. It not only gives you valuable experience in the field but a chance to showcase your individual talents, make long lasting relationships with your higher-ups and eventually let them know about your individual efforts- in this case your blog!
  • You can also increase awareness of your blog by showcasing it within the community. It seem’s that blogging has lost sight of that communal value, which is something that I really love about having The Style Line on Tumblr - They’ve done an amazing job at a creating a really tightly knit creative and talented fashion community. If you leave comments, send messages or get in touch with other bloggers (like you did by sending this message!) you’re automatically making your personal brand known.
  • I also happen to live in New York City, where (unfortunately) most major brands and publications are based, which makes it easier in regards to collaboration and networking. But you have the ability to establish yourself as an influencer, from wherever and whenever… That’s the beauty of the internet - It really brings our global community much closer together.

For the most part, my success evolved organically. I didn’t go in with the idea of making a blog to monetize content, which is what a lot of budding bloggers are doing now. It’s important to have integrity, point of view and perspective, because if you have something unique and fresh to showcase to your readers, chances are it will keep them coming back. Noting the last sentence of this message, becoming a blogger isn’t the only way to be successful in the fashion industry. My interests and abilities just happen to align with my passion for blogging. But focus on your personal strengths and interests,I can pretty much guarantee there are just as many opportunities in those facets of the industry.

I hope this helped, and good luck! xo