Show and Tell is new guest post series that provides The Style Line interviewees and overarching community, the opportunity to show the tumblr community what’s relevant and discuss what’s responsible. In this post, Huffington Post and TSL interviewee, Jessica Kane shows us her favorite Union Square haunts and tells us about the challenges millennials face… And her passion to help our generation overcome them.


Recently I’ve been focusing on stress and mental health, particularly in college-aged students. The statistics surrounding it are so astounding it’s hard to concentrate on much else. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, 29 percent of millennials aren’t getting enough sleep and 25 percent have been diagnosed with some form of mental illness, mainly depression. How insane is that? A four-year window that’s supposed to contain some of the best years of your life has now been plagued with stress and unhappiness. A year after graduating, I don’t see much progress for my friends in trying industries — they’re staying in the office until 5 a.m. and can’t enjoy their time off because they’re so exhausted and stressed out. The HuffPost office has opened my eyes to the changes that need to be made in the work place — Arianna Huffington installed nap rooms, provides healthy snacks and offers yoga, meditation and breathing classes to be sure her employees are not only taken care of physically but mentally, too. I’m feeling so lucky that I have an editor-in-chief who cares about treating her staff well, and I’m hoping that university presidents will catch on to this soon. I’m actually working on college oases, where I’ll be bringing massage chairs, hammocks, healthy snacks and juices, puppies, yoga classes and other relaxing activities to campuses across the country to combat this stress epidemic. It’s slowly becoming my personal and professional mission to change the competitive habits of students and replace them with more favorable alternatives. 

- Jessica Kane



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