ON THE GO STYLE: January 20, 2014

I snapped this insta-look right after we wrapped our shoot with CATBIRD NYC - And I immediately thought, ” Is anyone else finding it extremely difficult to find sartorial middle ground in the midst this never-ending polar vortex?” It’s hard to look good for meetings, and feel good in your own skin, when the all the weather makes you want to do is hibernate. Too make matters worse… Well I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Not. A. Fan. Of. Pants. Skirts and dresses just make life a little less confining which is why I’ve basically been living in my Autumn dress via Club Monaco

But to add a little something extra in these frigid temperatures against the ultimate neutral staple, I threw on an old (p)leather jacket, my trusted CALVIN KLEIN booties, my new ultra furry beanie from TOPSHOP ($10 people!) and little hints of color with my Theodora & Callum scarf and Hanes Hosiery purple tights. I refuse to let this weather make me black and blue.. So black and purple may just be the next best alternative. 

- RS x


How do you stay stylish in the winter?

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  2. brutallyscrumptious answered: I wear a lot of wool and warm comfy oversized sweaters! I started learning how to crochet too so I’m wearing beanies and scarves I made.
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  7. fashforwardandfit answered: I wear super chic coats so I can stay warm and look awesome!
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