ON THE GO STYLE: January 9, 2014

So you may remember a few of my insta personal style posts, (here and here) from over the last couple of months. This kind of assimilated into the inspiration I had, to create our new ON THE GO with interview series, which allows for organic and “real-time” (or close to real-time) stories to be posted on the site. In fact, there is even a new interview with Rebecca Minkoff! We briefly chatted about the inspiration behind the design of her new showroom and pre-fall 2014 collection. Let me know what you guys think of this feature, as I’m looking to do more…

Speaking of which the lovely RM team recently gifted me this floral clutch from the pre-fall collection. There’s something so inviting about the color scheme and print, and it ended up pairing nicely with my jacket courtesy of 3x1 Nanette Lepore skirt, glasses courtesy of Westward Leaning and Calvin Klein booties.

Also my initials being imprinted on the bag was definitely a nice personal touch. So of course, Ms. Minkoff once again proves the magic is in the details.

- RS x


What is your favorite/go-to accessory brand?

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