I was recently approached by Clearasil to help introduce their #WinTheDay campaign. They asked me how this personally applies to my life, and my answer was this: As an advocate for movement, and a girl on the go I win my day by setting aside personal time to do something I’ve loved and always will love, which is dance! I’m happy that in addition to keeping my mind and body happy, I have these amazing gifts from Clearasil to help keep me skin happy and healthy too. You can join in on the fun, and check out more products/a special rebate offer from Clearasil by clicking, here.

But most importantly, tell us below: How do you win your day? 

- RS x  


Wearing:American Eagle denim jacket, Rebecca Minkoff bag (c/o), PUMA sneakers (c/o), David Yurman bracelet (c/o)

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