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As I mentioned earlier this month, I had the opportunity to partner on an amazing and intimate project with a few collaborators including: tumblr, CFDA and Sony. Yesterday, we officially celebrated the official launch of this project, at a kick-off gallery event at MILK Studios. Sony was kind enough to lend us some amazing gear to document our experience with our partnered company, in this case the CFDA. The above photo was taken with the Sony Nex-5R - You can see more of photos from my day with the CFDA on our website by clicking here. In the meantime, be sure to catch this exclusive interview with Sony’s very own social media gal, Callan Green to find out more about this exciting partnership!

Why is Sony involved in Fashion Week?

Fashion and technology are not as different as one might think. Both are ever-changing and both allow us to express ourselves and our personalities. At Sony, fashion has always been an inherent part of our product design. Each year our designers follow fashion trends across the world to see how our product designs might align. For instance, a few years back one of our designers attended the shows in Milan and brought back designs inspired by black diamonds and quartz. They then applied this to the design of our home entertainment products, which is why our blu-ray players have a distinctive sleek and angled aesthetic. At the end of the day, we know these products become a part of your home décor and accessories to your outfits and therefore we want products that not only work flawlessly but look classic and interesting.

What specifically is Sony doing with Fashion Week this year?

This year we partnered up with Tumblr for their annual Fashion Week program. Together we went through and found the 20 top Fashion Tumblr bloggers (present company included) and invited them to join an apprenticeship with top fashion designers and influencers. In order to capture the behind-the-scenes content, we armed them with the Alpha NEX-5R camera and the Sony Xperia Tablet Z. These products were chosen for two main reasons: 1. They look fantastic. Both are tiny and sleek and yet pack a powerful punch and 2. They would help the bloggers capture real-time content. The NEX-5R comes equipped with Wi-Fi to enable easy real-time sharing to Instagram or Tumblr while still maintaining pro quality images. The tablet is the thinnest tablet on the market, making it easy to bring along to visit the designers or to Fashion Week and type up a blog post right then and there.

Why partner with Tumblr?

Tumblr was the perfect partner for this program because of their rich history with Fashion Week. While we’ve certainly done Fashion Week events and activities in the past, this year we thought it would be great to team up with a site that has a proven history for being a NYFW go-to. It also timed nicely with the launch of our very own Tumblr – Things Are Looking Up – and we are excited to share some of the fantastic content that comes out of this partnership on this new profile and across our other channels.

Speaking of other channels, what is the Sony community like as a whole?

We’re really lucky community-wise. Because we make such a wide variety of products, our community is extremely diverse. Sure, we have our passionate fan boys and girls who are in love with Playstation and know more about speeds and feeds than I could ever hope to know. But we also have a rich community of parents, students, travelers, photographers, athletes etc all who have found products that fit in with their lifestyles. We have passionate parents who love the handycam for capturing their childeren, students who rep their VAIO Fit in class, travelers who can’t get enough of the portability of the NEX camera line, photographers who geek out over our RX1R and athletes who were stoked to learn about our waterproof Walkman. At the end of the day having such an assorted community makes it a very fun brand to work for, as no one day is the same.

Within your community, there are a few sub communities, yes? Can you talk a little about the Sony Club that was mentioned at the Tumblr breakfast.

Certainly! The Sony Club is a brand new program we launched to honor elite bloggers who are fans of Sony products. Last month we brought each blogger out to our headquarters in San Diego, and gave them a whole bunch of products to go home with. We spent the morning at HQ doing product trainings and getting to know one another and then took them all around San Diego so that they could put their new cameras to the test.

Now that the welcome event has wrapped, this crew will continue to work with us and will be the first to get their hands on new products, join us at events and news briefings and may even host giveaways from time to time. It’s been a great group this first year and we are already accepting applications for future years.

Last but not least, how does SONY help creators tell stories?

That’s an easy one! Our products are ideal for content creators because they are all about making things simple. Want to upload professional quality photos to your Instagram in real-time? We have Wi-Fi in many of our cameras. Want to work on your latest Tumblr post while in the bath tub? We have a water-resistant tablet. Want to take gorgeous pictures while traveling without having to handle a bulky DSLR? We have the RX series and the NEX cameras. For each and every product there are features and software that are included to make the content creators life easier because we know that these days it’s not just bloggers creating content. Everyone has become a storyteller and everyone needs tools to make that process just a bit smoother. 

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