by christina shields

For those of you who’ve been following The Style Line since the beginning, you’re well aware our aim is to celebrate fashion from around the globe. With this in mind, check out this exclusive interview from our contributing photographer Christina Shields who interviewed owner Alissa Martin of Pittsburgh-based shopping spot Pavement Boutique. She caught up with Alissa to discuss style, shoes and good old Pittsburgh.

How did Pavement come about?

I was first inspired to own my own business in college when I worked for an independently-owned shop at Penn State in the mid-nineties.  I sold Doc Martens and fell in love with the community aspect of working for a small independently owned business   Following college and after a decade working in various positions in the non-profit sector, interior design field, an art gallery; I felt prepared to start my own business.

How did Pavement get it’s name?

Pavement initially started as a shoe boutique.  Seven years ago, Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood was gritty and very urban and I wanted our name to reflect the environment of the neighborhood i adored. I’m also a fan of the was a fan of the indie-rock band Pavement, it all seemed to make sense.  

What clothing items are your favorite to wear?

You’ll typically see me in ankle boots and wearing slews of bracelets and rings

What do you look for when buying from season to season?

Quality, craftsmanship and unique details.  We strive to carry under-the-radar brands and independent designers.  Each of our items are curated to reflect our love of fashion, art and design.    

How would you describe Pittsburgh fashion and how does Pavement encourage/challenge this?

Pittsburgh fashion is casual, eclectic and relaxed.  I believe you don’t have to be trendy or a “fashionista”  to be fashionable.  Pavement is very much inspired by street fashion and promotes individual style above all. 

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

Awareness in entrepreneurship is capturing the essence of the independent spirit.  The independent spirit of small business adds to the vibrancy and uniqueness of our communities.  Awareness is knowing your customer and catering to the items they love and looking to your customers for inspiration. 

Who is the Pavement customer?

The Pavement customer is an original, creative, free-spirited woman.     


SHOP Alissa’s looks from left to right:  1. Double Plot Blouse: $200 Mona Trousers: $78 Guipil Blanket Bag: $138 Draped Orb Earrings: $60 Stone Ring: $86   2.Eleni Cowl Neck Sweater: $98 Denim Girdles: $134 Vintage Foster Grant Sunnies: $10 Disco Dangle Earrings: $68 Fermin Cuff: $140Stone Ring: $86 3. Easy Pieces Dress: $208 Layering Necklaces: $32 Trae Ring: $384. Fringe Isis Poncho: $164 Pyramid Scape Necklace: $84 5. Newsom Dress: $132 Flower Power Cardi: $168 Carmen Hat: $40 6. Free People dress: $148.00    

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