KRISTAL’S STYLE: I can best describe my style as bright, fun and eclectic. It’s hard to really define my style because I’m always inspired to try something new. My signature pieces at the moment are my oia & jules gold chain necklace. There is always that one necklace I wear to death and at the moment that’s my favourite.  Another signature piece is my trusty Michael Kors watch which rarely leaves my wrist.

INSPIRATION:  I draw a lot of inspiration from fabrics and vintage pieces, as strange as that may sound to some. My interest in fashion sparked in high school when the only clothes I could afford with my after school job was pieces I thrifted from the op shop or cheap fabrics at the wholesale warehouse.  I would then take either the fabric or thrifted piece of clothing imagining what it could be and then make it on my mother’s old sewing machine. Barely anything I wore back in high school was store brought and I felt I expressed myself best through what I wore.

FAVORITE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING: Shoes! I am such a closet case Carrie Bradshaw and my obsession for shoes is insatiable. Currently my favourite shoes at the moment are my black mango pumps and a pair of Prada translucent heels I am yet to wear.  Those who know how much I have spent on shoes have been slightly horrified, but I believe shoes are an investment pieces that you can transition season to season. 

PERSONAL STYLE EVOLUTION: My style is always evolving and I don’t think it will ever stop in one place. My mind wanders off every time I see something inspiring and I’m already dressing a new outfit in my head.  Currently I am majorly musing off Natalie Joos and her incredible style aesthetic. I love how she mixes looks to create something utterly unique and her.

HALLOWEEN: To be honest I have never dressed up for Halloween! It’s not that big in Australia and growing up in a Christian school none of my friends were allowed to celebrate it so the whole trick or treat concept is a little lost on me sadly.

FALL FAVORITES: Thrifted oversized wool jumpers and ankle boots. I’m transitioning in Spring and Summer now here but I am already desperately missing wearing my large collection of ankle boots and winter woollies. 


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