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  1. powerfulandmighty answered: hi..pls follow me:)
  2. zholdassovadiyara answered: I was in a suit of a witch
  3. asamicious answered: Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service (GHIBLI movie)
  4. hbumahone answered: Lachelle Farrar !!
  5. kubrickfanclub answered: I was a witch/dark fairy sorta thing.
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  7. melinahanna answered: I dressed up as sadako =D
  8. shane-the-sheep answered: french fries
  9. kaligula answered: A Ken doll!
  10. primadonnaleader answered: red dres
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  12. reatando-com-a-felicidade answered: vampire
  13. stefrosani answered: Cleopatra!
  14. serenanicholas answered: cave girl
  15. urban-owl answered: Dressed up as a girl with a Gold Mask. Very original ;)
  16. herself-chiaki answered: I became “Tiger” with friend!
  17. taylorgangorkillme answered: as a tiger monster.
  18. my-art-space answered: Minnie Mouse!
  19. scarvesandskulls answered: A Victorian Masquerade dancer.
  20. prissytomboy answered: biker chick
  21. wife-ey-material answered: i’m wearing sweats & a hoodie .
  22. justmehibana answered: myself, for the first time in my life…..
  23. dannshear answered: a shit.
  24. bethany-offbroadway answered: Teletubies!
  25. heavenheroine answered: I was a kitty kat :p
  26. souleli answered: Cupcake!! :3
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  28. mtatran answered: Velma from Scooby Doo! :)
  29. heyfluffi answered: ghost! :D
  30. hera2393 answered: Stuffs that are red and black.
  31. thatsgoldbaby answered: Wendy Corduroy from Gravity Falls :)
  32. x-the-monsta answered: THE RZA
  33. nilina answered: Bouquet of flowers