AMANDA’S STYLE: My style has one important foundation: preppy. That’s who I am in terms of personal style, then I can go from grunge preppy, to girly preppy, to sophisticated preppy and so on. But you can always spot the preppy of what I am wearing, sometimes only in the details, but it’s there. And people who read my blog would probably say that knits, peeking-out collars, girly dresses and clumsy shoes are some of my trademark items, usually combined.

INSPIRATION: A lot of things. I get really inspired when being in big cities (that’s why I need to move to one), I get inspired browsing through my favourite blogs, or seeing fashion spreads in magazines such as ELLE and Vogue. And by watching tv shows like Gossip Girl, which is basically where my current style has its roots. 

ONE INTERESTING FACT: I started watching Gilmore Girls with my mom at the age of 7. And was so determined to be just like Rory that I, at the age of 12, found the email address of the Admission’s office at Yale School Of Forestry, because they were the only ones that had an email address, and explained to them that I had no particular interest in forests but that I really wanted to go to Yale after high school. I got a very kind reply from them saying that I was very welcome to apply when I was of a more suitable age. I’m still like that in some ways, that: “I know what I want and I’m gonna get it” attitude. 

PERSONAL STYLE EVOLUTION: Since I started my blog, back in February of 2011, it really has evolved a lot. I thought I was really good at styling when I first became interested in fashion and clothes but looking back now I realize how far I’ve come since! My style nowadays is more coherent, more confident, just like my personality. I suppose I know what I’m doing more now than I did back then, because all styling really is, is practicing and practicing until you get the result you’re looking for. You need some talent in seeing shapes and colors and what goes together, but from there you just need to try things out. And it’s hard to say what influences it, I usually have this image in my head each day of what style I want to achieve, probably a mix of things I’ve snapped up from blogs, magazines and so on and then I just experiment until I get it right! 


 Well, being a blogger myself, I think it’s great that bloggers and blogs have a big impact on the fashion industry. It also broadens the opportunities for young girls and women to really do what they are passionate about and realize that they can actually bring their abilities to a possible future career. That’s how it is for me, my blog has taught me what I really want to do. And the fashion industry is basically the only industry where women actually rule, where women and girls are in focus, and blogs expand that even further.  Having said that, I really do love fashion print and I think most bloggers would agree with that. For me looking at the fashion spreads in one of my favourite magazines is just pure bliss, nothing really compares to that. 

FALL FAVORITES: Oh cozy knits with collars peeking out, all things burgundy and beautiful coats. 


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