Desk Diaries: WHY IT’S OK TO BUILD A “HOME” IN YOUR 20s.


We’re over-connected.

We’ve created lives that revolve a constant stream of content, information and decisions. The internet is the modern-day equivalent of the high school reunion that you dread going to, but can’t seem to escape otherwise: Whether you like it or not, you’re bombarded with questions, comments, concerns and pressures by those closest to you… But you know what the scariest part is? Most of the time they don’t even have to say it to you directly to get the point across.

As much as I enjoy living vicariously through friends and peers who are leading “fabulous” lives abroad, there is a present (and seemingly constant) reminder to get the soul-searching out of your system while you’re young… After-all, when are you ever going to have the chance for a sweet escape, if not now?

I think this collective mentality we’ve established around living fast and leaving the past behind is something that’s got to change. We’ve become conditioned to think that there is always something better, somewhere else. What motivates us to travel doesn’t seem to be so much about experiencing a place for what it is, but seeing it as a means to an end of something in our lives. When we feel used up in one city, we’ll just hop on over to the next. We’ll start over and we’ll be rid of our troubles.

But the truth of the matter is they’ll still be there. Right where you left them… Waiting for you to return to face them.

I wholeheartedly believe travel and exploration are a necessary part of life. I can’t wait to really see the world for myself. Yet I’ve learned how important it is to stay in one place for an extended period of time. When you’re able to do this, you come to realize that you can commit to building a life with longevity- Both personally and professionally.

Think about it: 


YOU CAN BUILD A NETWORK: Of people, professionals, support, wisdom, knowledge… You get the point. Every day I’m learning how important it is to value yourself, but not to forget to value those around you. If you stay in one place long enough you’ll have more of an opportunity to strengthen bonds with friends, family and the like. Absence makes the heart grow fonder is only applicable to a certain extent.

YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE: The more you spend time in a certain place, neighborhood or city you’ll be able to better understand what you can do to give back. Life is a two-way street and if we can establish an understanding of how to appropriately provide for our community, then sky’s the limit in terms of what we can accomplish. It’s hard to thrive in a place that’s struggling, right?

YOU CAN GET TO KNOW YOURSELF: Having an element of structure and consistency can reap huge reward… Even for those who believe there is no better way to live than on the edge. One of things we’ve really been trying to do on The Style Line is explore the dynamics between people and their environments. After-all, that’s what makes culture, and in order for it to thrive, traditions and value need to be established. And that takes time.

YOU CAN BECOME STRONGER: And in turn make your community stronger. In this day and age we’re advocating for the individual, which is great. But at the same time, there comes an even greater responsibility with individual pursuits, which poses the question: How are your decisions and dreams impacting the landscape as whole? This may mean many different things to a lot of people. Yet the more time you spend in one place building something that means to you, there is more of a chance of dealing with comments and questions from your respective community. Going through the motions and considering what your community has to offer will inevitably strengthen your values and point of view.


My family and I have been in New York for ten years now. After 15+ moves, 3 states and intermittent travel excursions both domestic and abroad, I truly believe that I’ve found that this is the place that speaks to me the most. It’s a community I have grown up in and gotten real in. 

Travel informs our perspective and our pursuits, but let’s not forget to think about what motivates our movement throughout the world.

We can be together even when we’re a part, but at the end of the day there’s no greater success then finding a place that you have people you’re connected with… And that you can call home.

- RS



Desk Diaries: The Style Line meets Pittsburgh

If you’ve been following us on social, you’ll see that I traveled to Pittsburgh, PA this weekend to host our one-year milestone event with our fantastic Pittsburgh-based contributor, Christina. The weekend was spent in great company in an even greater community. I finally had a chance to meet Emily Slagel of  Mid-Atlantic Mercantile and was introduced to The Livermore, who kindly provided tasty drinks and treatsand the Kicky Feet Vintage sisters who showcased their curated collection of restored vintage pieces. It was an intimate gathering, but I relished the opportunity to connect offline.

Reflecting on this weekend and the past year in general, there are many things I have come to learn about my profession and myself since taking on the responsibilities of running the site full-time. One of the biggest being the realization that the stories worth sharing are those that are made up of authentic experiences. This weekend was one in itself. I’ve come to realize is that living the experience will best be able to inspire how you share it.

I feel so incredibly fortunate to have had an authentic Pittsburgh experience and celebrate new beginnings with new friends, this weekend. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to making this day so special… And stylish!

To new cities. To new stories. To new style. To a new chapter.

Stay tuned.

All Aboard…



Photos by Christina Pearson for The Style Line

Desk Diaries: Your environment effects your efficiency. 

"10 ways to really start taking care of yourself."

"5 methods to better organize your work/life balance."

"3 ways to guarantee a boost productivity for everyone.”

Headlines like the above overwhelm me. I don’t know about you, but I often find myself filtering through many how-to articles, resources and the like. Sifting through list-after-list not only distracts me, but it also creates an unnervingly present sense of self-doubt. Are my priorities in the right place? Am I organizing my days correctly? Did I remember to breathe? Should I SoulCycle?  How much am I actually getting done?

As I approach the one year benchmark of taking on The Style Line full time, I know I can only address things like this to a certain extent. But whether it’s 1 year or 10 years, when you make the shift from turning your passion into a reality, you learn a lot along the way.

For starters, I’ve recently been getting asked a lot about my day-to-day and what it’s like running a website basically on my own and at times in my own home. If I can impart any wisdom to future entrepreneurs, is that being in an appropriate environment is essential for growth. At this point in my career, I am still in the extremely-young startup mode, which means that for a while I’ll remain a traveling office. (Coffee-shops are my friend.)

In my case, at this point it’s definitely nice to have the flexibility over your work-environment, but maintaining a sense of structure can be a bit tricky. If you can manage to establish organization in a live/work situation that proves to hold equal value - I personally find it nice to return to some sense of consistency, even if it’s at home. So yes, my desk is my happy place.

Here are some insights on how to improve your live/work environment that may (or may not, but hopefully do!) improve your productivity: 


- Create an aesthetic that inspires: The Style Line was born with style in mind, so naturally aesthetics have always been something I’ve been drawn to. But eye-candy aside, having a space that provides constant inspiration will help maintain a sense of motivation.

Whether that means creating mood-boards, hanging up inspiring photos or quotes from people you admire, or something as simple as having a fresh bouquet of flowers on your desk… This can all make such a huge difference. I’ve noticed that lighting holds a influence on my mood and overall ability to concentrate. This is pretty specific to the person, but it doesn’t get much better having a ton of natural light pouring through your window!

- Pen + Paper + (i)Pad: As someone in online media, I constantly go back and forth between what mediums I should use for note-taking, calendar upkeep, and brainstorming. I force myself to keep track of meetings and appointments using both my phone and a tangible agenda notebook. It provides a nice duality - My phone is a much more accessible tool in case I misplace or forget to bring my day-planner, and the agenda itself also provides room to quickly jot down notes or ideas… Plus it’s a great excuse (and arguably a necessity) to not focus my attention on a screen…

- Size matters: While it’s nice to have so many tools and things at your disposal, when it comes to staying organized, I’ve really learned that sometimes less is more. Having too much on your desk can cause distraction, misplaced items/docs and a whole lot of stress! Learn to limit what you need and have things that will enhance your creativity and ability to perform…


Simply put: If you’re happy in your home, then you’ve got more of an incentive to work to maintain those good vibes… Am I right? Now it’s your turn to talk:

Where do you work/what do you do and what’s the work environment like for you?

PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF + STYLE: Hi guys, I’m Marcel Floruss, born and raised in Germany for 20 years and then made the big move to NYC, the greatest city on earth (I’d say, and I’ve seen a few), to study fashion. My blog is all about passion and sharing it, which for me ranges from fashion, photography and modeling to traveling, food and dancing, which I actually did professionally for a while!

If anything, I’d say my style is very diverse. I’ll wear anything from a classy suit with a shirt, tie and oxfords, to a tank, jeans and sneakers. And most often, it’s actually a mix of the two. Hence the blog name “One Dapper Street” - “dapper” and “street”.

INSPIRATION: Everything and anything. I walk down the street and get ideas from people and store fronts; I’ll look at a painting and be inspired by the colors; even just the obvious things like weather and occasion inspire my outfits and make me come up with new ideas of how to dress appropriately.


Ha, I’ll have to say the one we’re in right now, as it reflects many of the decades in the past, from dapper three-piece suit options in style of the 20s to the “Canadian Suit” in the 90s, which very much reflects my style.


I mean, I go to school for fashion and they obviously educate us about the importance of history in fashion… Every season, designers come out with new adaptions of what has already been; everybody’s inspired by the past, but adds their personal touch to it. This is not to say that designers don’t create anything new at all, but the majority definitely always has recurring elements of style.


Absolutely. Often I find myself inspired by the origins of suiting and interpret them my way, or taking a rockabilly look and modernizing it, just to name a couple…


"What’s your worldview?" I love talking to people on a deeper level, about the meaning of life, and how it impacts their everyday lives. I think I need it because fashion sometimes gets too superficial, so it’s a nice conversation to have to create balance.


like what you see? link up with marcel by checking out his site:

Hey friends! We’re celebrating the first year since The Style Line’s .com launch… And having the event in a new city! Thanks to our incredible contributor, Christina Pearson we’ve been able to share the stories of amazing innovators in the thriving Pittsburgh community. If you’re in the area be sure to join us at Mid-Atlantic Mercantile for an afternoon of style, stories and shopping!

Thanks for all of your support over the past year in this new chapter of our story… We can’t wait to share what’s next. 

xo Rachel 


Let us know: Are you in Pittsburgh and will you be attending?