Mast Brothers Chocolate

Address: 111 N. 3rd St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

Transportation: L to Bedford Ave.


Is anyone else craving chocolate right now, or is it just me? - RS


What’s your favorite local sweet-shop?

Desk Diaries: FEED for Thought.

There’s something to be said for strength in numbers.

As a part of the millennial generation, we’ve found ourselves on the front-lines, facing a new transitory period in our world’s history. I will preface this post, by saying that the tone isn’t all gloom and doom, but we have collectively realized changes need to be made now more than ever. Despite the looming uncertainty that surrounds many of today’s issues, fortunately there are innovative minds coming up with creative solutions that can help foster a new approach to thinking.

Whether we like it or not, there is true responsibility that comes with pursuing passion. I think that’s why I’ve been such a big fan of FEED Projects, which embodies these values. Lauren Bush Lauren has created a dual brand and community whom are able to utilize design as a method of garnering awareness and impact for world hunger. Their recent initiative, FEED Supper set a month-long goal of raising 1 million meals by World Food Day. They surpassed this.

The Style Line stands for online discovery and offline connection, and with that being said, I decided to get involved and host our own supper. Taking cue from FEED’s design-inspired approach, we asked a few fine artists from our community of interviewees to join in, donate and create one piece of art for our table-setting. (You can see the photos here!) The evening was filled with delicious food, beautiful art and inspiring conversation. It was a chance for five amazing and creative people to come together and meet without the distraction of a screen. (Although I will say there were many Instagram photos to be taken!)

The point of sharing this is not only to recap our event, but to encourage you to think about the impact you can make, simply by doing the things you love. One of the biggest things I’ve learned through pursuit of my own passions, is how big of a role the creative community plays in the big picture. We forget things like fashion and style are incredibly multi-dimensional, and can be used in many different ways to move us forward. 

I will say that from experience, one of the best parts about this, is being able to make strides with the people you care about most… You never know how much change you can affect, especially when you come together.



How are you making/how would you like to make a difference?